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~The universe is huge, possibilities are endless and the imagination is only a vessel. Steering from world to world.~

You can call me Shann, krow, Haph, Hax, or Vin/Vintage. I consider myself an individual oddball living in New York with a fondness for writing and of course, drawing. I mainly draw things concerning my overarching story-Rebirth- and characters that show up within it. I tend to be slow putting things up on DA. My tumblr is more of a primary- and more personal- 'account' per say. If you write me a note, please be patient-I promise I will get around to it.

*To keep things the way I'd like, I do not follow people on tumblr. I'm sincerely sorry, it is nothing personal.
'Stole' this from my friend :iconvannjaren:,who stole this prior to and all that jazz (don't steal guyz :p). I've been meaning to do this for a few months but inevitably forgot, as usual. I believe I promised to do this with a not so overrated character of mine, but that's the joy of copy and paste. There's no limit. I'll pass this questionnaire to beloved Thayu.
Thayu: *scowls*

1: What is your character's biggest fear?

I don't mean to drag them into everything, but Thayu's biggest fear are zhuards. He has had a more or less traumatic experience with them at a younger age when one snuck into the village. Never seeing one freaked him out- and this was a young zhu, but very large in size. Reys really are not used to zhuards at all.

2: What is your character's favorite memory?
Although being beaten to near death wasn't in the runner up of good memories, The first time seeing Ashen was quite close to it. As Lesser World Lords don't show themselves as they did during the War of Wills in Hierarchy, it wasn't a chance encounter. Ashen has decided that Thayu would represent her even when he was small. Not that he knew, and Ashen, being pretty careless (might have let him die without any intervention a few times in his psychotic break). Their relationship early on was pretty one sided. Ashen only used Thayu and didn't take care of him as you see with Lor and Steycer- whom both share a very close Lord-champion bond.
So when Ashen comes to essentially save Thayumoryn, she brings with her peace and genuine love, which is unheard of for a two-faced lord like herself.

Side note: Lesser World Lords are called lords not in a religious context. They're just really powerful in their realm, as are primordials in Issuhiro.

3: What is your character's least favorite memory?
Thayu's least favorite memory was being kicked out of the town he had called home- barely. It wasn't a huge loss for him, but he left a trail of disappointment. When the judges ruled his behavior a danger to the residents, he had several chances to get his act together (this was pre-magic times). His habit of drinking was hard to curb- which anyone who suffers from this can attest to- and later he substituted it with an addiction to magic. His father disowned him and that's the moment in his life he hated as it made him bitter.

4: Does anyone have a crush on your character? Is your character aware of this?
Not so much of a crush person. He just slept around with his mentors in an effort to absolve something within himself.

5: Describe your character's dream date.
Hmm..something totally centered on himself. Really, Thayu has a pension for narcissism and enjoys when others acknowledge his deeds.

6: What is your character's sexual orientation?
His identity is genderfluid- pretty extreme but repressed, bisexual although he hates to admit any of it. He's a lover of intellectuals.

7: How does your character feel about their name?
He loves it and sees it as importance. Thayumori means someone who holds themselves in high esteem. Perhaps not to his 'high esteem', but nonetheless...

8: Does your character hate anyone?
I say the very zhuard that beat him, Yevonne, but his problem is with Ghaburo. Ghab, the sharpsnout oracle who had tried to talk him out of his escapades for many years and just kept following him, showing up at the most crucial moments. After several years after defeat, Thayu now sees Ghaburo as a friend. If there's anyone who he still hates, it is his father, who forced himself to repress many aspects about himself while he was younger.

9: How does your character feel about religion?
Religion does not play a role in my series except maybe Hierarchy. As far as eclectic beliefs, Thayu is skeptical of most of them.

10. Would your character ever kill someone?
Yes and he has tried to kill Ghabs before. He would stop at nothing to get his hands on some magic to preserve his life, which ws deteriorating.

11: How did your character meet their best friend?
Ehh...Thayu doesn't really have a best friend. I'll not count Imes and Kelori, and if anyone was a close friend, it would be Ghaburo post-magic hungry lifestyle.

12: How would/does your character feel about roller coasters?
Thayu would hate them. He does not like heights haha.

13: What would your character die for?
Early on, Thayu would've died for the faintest of magic, literally and figuratively. Now he would put his life on the line for his new family.

14: What is the cutest thing your character has ever done?
Cute? Lol

15: What music genre would your character listen to?
I find symphonies to be typical of Thayu. Lots of strings and perhaps a flute here or there. High and low Vocals. His species would probably do well with some horns too. They are in a sense regal after the northern and southern communities united.

16: What other fictional characters remind you of your character?
Surprisingly none for Thayu. He's on his own.

17: Does your character have any irrational fears?
Zhuards- already discussed. Wonder if that would be called zhuphobia..

18: How would your character feel about having their life recorded?
Thayu's life would make for some good slice of life. Perhaps a movie. I think he'd agree!

19: What is your character's deepest, darkest secret?
Honestly I think his gender fluidity was his deepest secret. His father made him feel so ashamed of himself because of it.

20: What is the most surprising thing about your character?
That's kind of subjective I think..Whatever that's revealed to you in this meme that you never knew!

21: Is your character flexible?
Not too flexible, but adept at avoiding hits. He's pretty quick on his feet and quick in the mind, so he gets away with not being too flexible.

22: What is the worst thing your character has ever done?
Thayu killed a semi-primordial once. Indirectly by stealing from its rune. That along with weakening the southern wilds community pillar which in turn allowed for Sukos to make a second return there- but briefly as Ghaburo fought him off even in a weakened state.

23: Is your character morally gray or black or white?
Thayu is a silvery-white furred reiyindor, which means pink skin underneath all that fur! He's double coated as most reys from the north are. He doesn't have any markings.

24: What prejudices does your character have?
Ahaha too many to count. Thayu is a very coarse and judgmental individual. If he can't comprehend it, he hates it.

25: Would you want to hang out with your character?
Absolutely not. Nor Ashen. I don't need that type of negativity, party hard (in Ashen's case) mentality. :'D

26: What is your favorite headcanon for your character?
Honestly none for Thayu. The current pairing wasn't my choice, they just came to me. Like most of the individuals in my series. If I could put Thayu in his own little box I would.

27: What would be the worst way for your character to die?
Thayu would hate dying if he knew that he was proven wrong by someone of a lower status than him. Which he technically was proven wrong by Ghaburo, hence his hatred for him. He nearly did die proven wrong and his actions for naught. His whole life he's been standing up for himself without assistance until Imes and Kelori.

28: What pet would your character like to have?
Thayu would love love LOVE a little phoenix. Realistically any type of 'noble' bird.

29: What would be your character's favorite food?
Never thought about this. Hmmm..weirdly enough, I can imagine him eating fine noodles. :p Like the fancy kinds in the fancy, embroidered bowls.

30: Would your character have any hobbies?
Practicing his magic takes up a lot of his time and at his own expense. He's become so obsessed with it that all his other previous hobbies like cleaning and glass working have bit the dust.

31: What social media would your character use?
Twitter. Definitely twitter.

32: What does your character look like?
Time to copy and paste from the ref: Thayümoryn is a Reiyindor with a shaded silver-white pelt that shows soft hues of blue. Thayü has no visible markings on his snowy pelt. His eyes are a yellow-hazel color with a lighter ring around the pupil. More often than not, they are outlined in black eyeliner that is somewhat reminiscent of the eye of Horus. He has three eyebrow spines that are fully developed. The first of the three are placed with more distance before it dips in a ‘U’ shape connecting the other two, to which they descend via size. His muzzle is average length, but a little thick or blunt, and has a ‘valley’ profile (slight indentation at the middle.) The four sensors at the crown of his head, typical to the species, are also average in length. Thayü’s coronet at his temples is longer than that of a typical Reiyindor, mostly due to genetics. It is segmented into sections from two large plates to three smaller ones halfway.
His body is a bit narrow in frame, though it remains proportionate to his height. Thayümoryn has a rather thicker and somewhat shorter neck than other Reiyindor that does not have much of the typical swan curvature. His arms and legs have a substantial musculature, if not more due to his early training as a warrior. Like most Reiyindor that live in frigid environments, he is well insulated with two layers of fur. His chest displays a very long fan of it, which is often viewed as very attractive. There are ornamental tufts of fur, as seen on every Reiyindor, at his shoulders as well. Thayü stands thirteen feet and one quarter (11’1/4”) from the ground to the top of his forehead which is average for a Reiyindor male.

33: In what ways is your character like you?
I don't have too many similarities with thayu, but I suppose there are a few things: we are both genderfluid, impatient and have an internal determination.

34: What is cliche about your character?
He's a big baddie that has a second chance at life. Too broad? He's addicted to magic.

35: What is unique about your character?
Although he's a reyindor, he seems to be less attached to the culture, so he does stand out. I always found that to be enjoyable about writing him because he was just different than any other reiyindor, and the culture definitely took notice.

36: Does anyone want to harm your character?
No, not intentionally. It was only after his escapade with magic that people grew fearful.

37: Do people have justified grudges against your character?
One of his colleagues, who went on to become an alchemist. His story had taken a similar but not so similar turn to Thayu's.

38: What role does your character play in their story?
What role? Ehhh antagonist. Mainly for Yevonne's story line.

39: What would be your character's niche on Tumblr?
Realistically, something having to do with chemistry and focusing on mineralogy, precious stones and that jazz.

40: What would be your character's favorite school subject?
As mentioned, chemistry.

41: Would your character want to have any children?
Absolutely no-No. Imes and Kelori kind of qualify for that.

42: What would be your character's dream career?
Working at a jewelry outlet telling you your diamonds are fake.

43: What is your character insecure about?
A the most basic level, not succeeding with plans when they do hatch in his mind. It's basically a perceived failure to him even if it works out in the end. It's not enough for it to work out, it has to work in his way.

44: What is your character proud of?
I think being able to make a life without living with any of his kin for the most part. His kin rely upon others for survival in a very energy-intimate way.

45: What would your character change about themselves?
He would mostly change the slightest of things. His ability to not rely on anyone for help. He did rely on the BlackFlare and the CrimsonBlade to protect him when he felt at his weakest.

46: Would you want to trade places with your character?
NO. I would not.

47: What fandoms would your character be in?
None that I know of.

48: How would your character type?
Script, very formal and full of hidden sarcasm.

49: How does your character stand politically?
Although his parents were politicians, and rey politics aren't like human politics...I think he'd be pretty conservative like his parents were.

50: What is your favorite thing about your character?
I like his attitude WHEN he can figure out how a plan could work when everyone says it won't.

51: What is your character's favorite animal?
Did I already mention the phoenix?

52: How would your character act in gym class?
Let's say when everyone's running laps, he's walking.

53: What clubs would your character join?
Student body finance

54: What is the saddest thing about your character's life?
I don't know OP, there's a lot to get through.

55: Would your character do the Ice Bucket Challenge?
No, he'd hate that.

56: What's one of your character's quirks?
He's a bit ocd about everything..and a terrible perfectionist.

57: How would your character feel about feminism?
He's indifferent about it. He tries to let himself 'feel' those things. You can thank his father for that.

58: Is your character dorky or more athletic?
Thayu is a dork. He's my dorky crystal obsessed nerd.

59: What is your least favorite thing about your character?
He's literally the most narcissistic individual of the series to date.

60: If you could title your character's life, what would you title it?
The fall of greed

Here's some pictures of Thayu so you can properly see him:………
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